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yea im sad.  after i went off and made my sister her Silver Vinyl skirt..and i made my skirt  , she ends up calling me at the last minute and say shes not up to going tonight.  So im like oh problem.. ya know since i pay bills around here too, i would think chris would let me take his car (and lets not forget to mention hes riding around in my gas money....) ..but nooooooooo he doesnt. but thats okay asshole because im turning the cable off...its in my name.."its my cable" so i say so. blake has his he wont do without. its really fucked up, chris was suppose to fix the oil leak in my car..but no he didnt, and now my car is dead in front of my moms house, i have no car, no nothing, and i cant get anywhere.  so now i have to some way come up with money to get a new car.   ya know chris did u forget your a mechanic????? fucker.

im 22 years old and im trapped in my own life.  i cant wait to get out of here...god , i cant wait. within the next few weeks ill be able to move back to my moms...i just cant go empty handed..which I always HAVE NOTHING. the little money i make it fucking has to go towards this and that and i never get to save.  oh get this shit.  all week chris has me thinking that He has NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOo money in the bank. so for emergencies i was like oh okay we'll use my credit i got diapers, gas in his car, and other heres and theres that we needed. And since i had no cash, and chris claimed he had no money i couldnt take blake to daycare all week, which i feel horrible because he likes to go and play with the kids.   well this morning chris turns around and says oh i have 70.00 in the bank. and im like WTF yo! i just paid off this damn credit card and now im in debt all over again because he claims he has nothing and has me worried..but no the mother fucker does have money in the account, and now im in debt. I let him use my credit card to put gas in his car.  I have a very very small limit on my card and i told him to put only spend a certain amount, but no he goes way beyond that!!!!!!  I probally have like 5.00 dollars left on my card..IF that..IF IM LUCKY!  ......... i swear to god...i really swear to god, im so SICK of being nice to people , im gonna start being some fucked up bitch...its coming...i will start thinking of myself first, and say fuck everyone else.  im so sick and tired of his selfishness, everything is about him, he thinks of himself first.  NOT BLAKE, but Himself! 

and its not like im losing anything..i mean hes too lazy to have sex, and its like pulling teeth just to get some affection from him. but u know what asswipe fuck you. fuck you fuck you fuck you. i dont need this from you or anyone else.   ANd u know what chris i cant wait till u read this...INFACT I wil make this entry "PUBLIC" so i know for SURE you will be able to read it.


so make sure  u get this thru ur self centered mind.... -  FUCK YOU!

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