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hahah laugh that ass off

Yo mama's so stupid, she thinks MCI is a rapper.

Yo mama's so fat, at the zoo, elephants started throwing her peanuts.

Yo mama's so fat, she's got more chins than a Chinese phone book.

Yo mama's so fat, her picture fell off the wall.

Yo mama's so stupid, she thinks Taco Bell is a Mexican phone company.

haha omg....thats some funny shit....old...but funny...lmao...ok.ok ok...back to life....
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What a dumbass....

Dear all of you,

Me, Chris, Jeff, Jenny,Erin, Marcus, and tim went to shampoo lastnight. And to say as soon as i walked onto the dance floor some rat face looking girl started to point at me and whispering trash into her friend's ear. To make a long story short, she said i slapped her in the FACE!!!! HAHAHAH ME SLAP SOMEONE IN THE FACE???? That is defintely A LIE! Why would i slap someone in the face when I would of punched someone in the face?....doest make sense. Even tho i would love to admit that i slapped her in the face, but I honestly NEVER DID SUCH THING. This girl must be a real compulsive liar, or maybe she really believes her own lies. Makes no sense what so ever. When i went to the Ladies room, 2 of her friends were in there talking trash about her, saying that she hates me because i have real dreads. And they were saying how much they dislike her. Hahah what worthless little girl.

AnyWho, we left shampoo, ate some mcdonalds, threw some chochlate milk on my wall, and went to bed.

Today is Chris Birthday. Hes 22 now....big daddy you.

I made him a somewhat of a breakfast, i cant cook to save my life. But i tried. ...well i have to go, chris wants some hot wings.

I love ya .
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Benton Society

Dear members,

I just got off the phone with one of Chris aunts from the Benton side, which is chris father side, she told me sooo much of the Benton family, and what idda know chris acts just like his father did. you love to hate him. We exchanged address phone numbers of his sisters and brothers, and i told her a little more about Chris. Soon enough Chris will get the urge to talk to them. I would like to go to the North Carolinas to see them, and chris did talk about going down there, i think it would be a great experience for us both.

besides all that, Chris is still getting on my fukn nerves. I dont know why i do things for him, such as finding his family. Maybe i really do care about him deep down inside? But lately, hes just been really really really a JERK. Some times i feel that i dont even want to be with him, actually i been feeling like that all the time. Just when think how could things get any worse with him, they do. He has no consideration for me, he doesnt think nor care that the ignerant things he says about me hurts me really bad. Hes just a jerk. ANy girl that wants him can come take him. Im about fed up with him.

Yea anywho. I need to finish my skirt.
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(no subject)

P.S Oh yea one more thing, Chris just spoiled me Rotten today.. He bought me a new Computer desk.

Thanks again chris, I love you.

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dear people,

Lastnight, me and jeff went too Jo Ann Fabrics. It was great. I looooooooooooooove that store! even tho the people working in there were ignerant asswipes. I bought some dark pink fuscia color vinyl, a name brand of fabric glue (the one i had was on the cheap-o- side) and also this hot pink fluffy thing. Im going to make a skirt, and its going to be extremely fabulous, infact everyone will envy me. Chris looks at the material, and says " it looks like a shower curtain" hahha he so cute, but brilliant at the same time. After I got sick of the old shower curtain in my bathroom, im going to turn that one into something awesome. Maybe a dress? I dont know, i cant get a head of myself. But i think im going to start my skirt tonight, i tried to start it lastnight but chris was getting on my nerves, he kept bitching about how i was republican. So what that i dont like democrats, i dont believe in what they believe. And of Course Chris had to make such a big deal about it, and he nerved racked me soooo F'n bad i just went to bed. Speaking of lastnight, me and jeff and chris sat around the house and had some drinks. Chris decides to start prank calling people, cause ya know were only "15" years old again. But Chris does the most funniest prank calls, that boy will have you rolling. ::in chris chinese lady voice:: "you order chinese pizza? i deliver to you house no1 answered" omg it was so Funny. That was pretty much of the night. some other basic ideas not mentioned, but i dont have the time to explain them, i have a baby screaming at me.

Oh yea thats reminds me, i got in contact with the Bentons!! Yay...more info on that later.

~ me ~
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My Project!

Dear readers,

My project, POlk-Henry House, has made it to the NewsJournal! IM so proud!

This home has been such a desire of mine for a loooooooong time. I can still remember the first time I ever seen that place. Before i was with Chris, the days me and Jeff use to hang out all the time, he brought me to this place and we were gonna try to get in, cause he told me such stories of the home. Of course we didnt get in. But i knew that wasnt the end of that home....then i met Chris and i got even more information about the place. So i would say for about 2 years i been loving this place. And it made it to the newspaper! Yay, of course i have my own copy of it , and soon as chris is done reading it, it will be added to my collection. I love this place. I even typed a letter to Paul Law, asking if I could assist in anyway! Omg im excited....!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
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(no subject)

Dear everyone, and the rest of you,

Today, i busted my ass in cleaning this house. I scrubbed down the kitchen with Bleach and pine glow (its from the dollar store..haha) I also mopped the floor...and i dusted, cleaned, and vacummed my ass of in the living room, and still managed to take care of blake. Tomorrow is laundary day, and im taking 4 baskets (again) to chris mom house, since we dont have a washer and dryer yet. I cant believe all of this laundry, im saying 4 baskets is alot for 3 people. sheesh. I cooked dinner, and chris decided to order chinese. He doesnt like what i cooked. I made rice mixed with chicken and vegtables, with gravy. I like it, but then again chris isnt a vegtable person. So we got Chinese. And OMG OMG OMG it is Delicious, im glad that they give you more then enough so i can eat it for breakfast. So yea, i also made Blakes curtains today for his room. I just have one part to hem up , which i will do before i go to bed. Then i have to start on Jeffs Shirt. I really need to figure out how im going to cut these letters out. I want to this to be perfect. But how can a imperfect person create something perfect?
Who knows, im such a mom.